1. Mechiras Chametz- To appoint the Rabbi as your agent to sell your chametz, He will be available in the Shul at the following times:

Sunday March 18th – after Maariv until 8pm

Tuesday March 20th – 8:30-9pm

Thursday March 22nd – 9-10pm

Sunday March 25th – 9:30-10am; 6:30-7pm; and after Maariv until 8:30pm

Tuesday March 27th – 8-9pm

Wednesday March 28th – 9-10pm

Ideally, one should limit the sale of primary chametz (bread, cookies, noodles, oatmeal etc.) to situations of significant loss. As a note, our meeting should come after you have finished acquiring the chametz you plan to sell. To save time, please fill out the power of attorney form prior to meeting with the Rabbi. You can print the Shtar from our website here. Copies will also be available in the Shul hallway. The top section relates to the sale of your Chametz and must be filled out. The bottom section is an option for those who will be away the entire YomTov.

2. Helpful Online Lists and Apps- The OU (here), CRC (here), Star-K (here) and OK (here) all have helpful guides/lists to work with when shopping for Pesach and checking into medications, as well as basic kashering instructions. They also include lists of baby products and pet food. For smartphone users, their apps are quick and powerful resources.

3. Enjoy this link to a series of very short videos in Hebrew from Rav Rimon on Hilchos Pesach. (here)

As always, please feel free to contact the Rabbi with any questions you may have.