In order to find a way to advertise the services of members of our Shul who are in industries significantly affected by COVID19 and the temporary pause of many industries, we established this page for people to provide their contact information and how they can help (industry/service offering) during the shutdown. This will allow members of our Shul (especially those in affected industries) to share how they can continue to offer their services during this time.

Please click here to provide your contact details, your industry/role and what services you can provide during the shutdown, in order to be added to the list . We will continuously be updating this page, so others within the Shul can turn to you for business opportunities.

Thank you in advance for participating in this new community initiative! And if you have any other suggestions for ways that the Shul can be a resource for our community during this time, please let Jon know.

To access the Directory, please click here