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Thank you for your interest in joining our shul. To become a member, please complete the form below.  Once completed, your membership request will be reviewed and approved at which point you will be emailed and given access to login to the members' section our website.  In the members' section, you will be able to update your family's profile, browse our shul directory, rsvp for events and manage your billing.

Membership dues are $1000 per year and a building fund of $1000 per year for ten years. There is also an additional community fee of $54 which is allocated to the Teaneck Mikvah ($36) and Eiruv ($18) in our community. Affiliate membership dues are $375 per year. The Shul’s fiscal year begins on July 1. New full members joining after January 1 may pay dues of $425 for the remainder of the year. Shul membership is available to those who are financially unable to satisfy the financial commitment described above. If a member is unable to commit to the financial obligations described above, or needs assistance in obtaining a payment plan, please contact the Shul President or Treasurer. Any such communications will be kept confidential. 

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Please indicate if you are a member of any other shul.  Affiliate membership is only available to those members who retain full membership at another shul.


Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782